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Solving Business Problems that happen to involve computers

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When you have a problem to solve in an Office Suite or Accounting program, do not restrict the source for your answer to only the program you are in. Often, another program in the Suites offers a faster, easier solution.

Access and Excel each have their strengths and weaknesses; sometimes it is faster to export the data to the other program, solve the problem and then re-import the data.

The same can be said for Excel and Word. Or Excel and PowerPoint.

Or all the many modules in QB.

You get the idea.


What Defines Us


  • Our roots are in corporate management and management consulting
  • We are not computer code specialists trying to solve business problems
  • We do a lot of computer graphics work
  • We are not artists trying to adapt our work to business problems

Our credentials are an MBA, Microsoft and Quick Books Certifications and decades of solving business problems.


  • We are minimalist in our approach.
  • We look to solve the stated problems.
  • We point out other issues we see.
  • We never go further than requested.
  • We live for your satisfactions, not for the "cool" things we might like to do.

Succinctly, we specialize in solving business problems that happen to involve computers.